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WEA Explains Many Union Benefits

Benefits accrue to union members by their collective power.

The WEA held a general membership meeting on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019, to present some of the benefits that are a part of your union membership. Leading the meeting, union President Jen Shilen discussed some of these membership advantages and also introduced representatives from CTA, The Standard and California Casualty to present their special offerings designed for NEA, CTA and WEA members.

California Teachers Association Benefits

Union membership via WEA guarantees our members the many discounts negotiated by CTA on our behalf. These are listed in full on the CTA website. CTA representative Mindy Bartlett also discussed the provision of scholarships, grants and a disaster relief fund for members that qualify. Finally, life and disability insurance are managed for CTA by The Standard, as explained by the insurance company’s representative, Suzanne Reilly.

The Standard Benefits

Life insurance without medical examination is available to new hires of the WJUSD who join WEA. After an initial open enrollment period, signing up for life insurance does require a medical examination, so taking advantage of this provision at the time of hiring is critical for members who may not be in the best of health. The Standard also provides an efficient disability insurance system with high quality customer service.

California Casualty Benefits

The California Casualty representative, Tami Phillips, explained the additional benefits offered to union members via their auto and homeowners insurance policies. CTA pays close attention to the work accomplished by California Casualty on behalf of union members and monitors the resolution of claims, especially after disasters like the recent wildfires.

For a copy of the slides presented at this meeting, please download the file shown below.

WEA General Membership Meetings 19-20