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February 18th Statement to the WJUSD School Board

An update on WEA negotiations with WJUSD

Good Evening President Whitaker, Trustees, Superintendent Pritchard and Community;

We were surprised and dismayed by the District response reported in the 2.18.2021 WEA-WJUSD Negotiations Update. WEA’s Phase 3, Initial Proposal #1 reflects the concerns and input from members regarding a safe return for students and their families. Both the Association and the District were presented with initial proposals that were shared with the intention of engaging in productive dialogue around what it will take for schools to open safely. WEA continues to hold the health and safety of our students and members as its top priority. Based on the feedback we received, concerns that have surfaced from our members include:

  • Access to vaccination and time to be fully inoculated
  • Proper air ventilation in classrooms
  • Adequate time to prepare for rigorous and engaging student instruction to be delivered both in person and virtual, as well as constructive feedback
  • On campus lunch requiring the removal of masks and potential for student and staff exposure
  • Logistics with health and safety protocol implementation on school sites

WEA’s goal remains to return to in-person instruction as this is what is best for students. The topic of school reopening is held deeply within our community and the work that is being done to accomplish this goal is not taken lightly.  As established in our ground rules between WJUSD and WEA on Sept 29, 2020:

  • The parties wish to participate in a constructive, collaborative discussion focusing on resolving negotiation issues
  • Assume positive intent, be mindful of impact

We hope that in the future the District will consider the tone and implications of its updates. Thank you for your time and patience while we continue to bargain for a safe return.


WEA Bargaining Team