Vote on Upcoming Academic Calendars

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It’s that time again!  WEA members get a chance to weigh in on WJUSD’s Academic Calendars for 2021-22, 2022-23, and 2023-24.  For each academic year, there are two choices, both of which came out of negotiations between the District and the Association.  We hold in mind that we are a unified district and must balance priorities and preferences across our various grade level bands and faculty groups while also serving the needs of our students and community.

Calendars Developed Based on WEA Member Polling

WEA previously polled unit members about academic calendar preferences, and our bargaining team was informed by these polling results as they worked with the district at the bargaining table.  If you would like to view the WEA polling results before casting your votes, see the downloadable PDF file below.

To see the proposed academic calendars for comparison, a special PDF file is available for download below in PDF format.

How to Discuss the Proposed Calendars

If you would like to participate in a WEA conversation about this academic calendar vote, it will be the last item on the agenda at the WEA Meeting of the General Membership on Tuesday, February 2. See the link to this meeting in an e-mail sent to your address on file with the WEA.

How to Vote on the Academic Calendar

To vote on your preference for the next three years’ academic calendars, please use the link included in an e-mail sent to your address on file with the Woodland Education Association.

Voting closes on Wednesday, February 3rd at noon.

The Fine Print on Academic Calendars

If you’d like to know more about some of the parameters we work with as calendars are developed, this paragraph is for you.  We must have a total of 180 instructional days each school year, and for secondary, we must have a minimum of 80 days in a semester.  Family needs and student attendance patterns are taken into consideration because we want to have the best attendance numbers possible.  In the past, WJUSD has avoided holding school during the Yolo County Fair (which always starts Wednesday night before the third Thursday of August) due to community preference and in an effort to maximize student attendance on scheduled school days.  It is a community and staff priority to have the entire week of Thanksgiving off from school.  There would be attendance concerns for students and staff if school is held during the week leading into Christmas.  There is some thinking that a 3-week Winter Break might serve the needs of families better than a 2-week Winter Break.  Staff survey results show that it is important for many to have Spring Break connected to Easter.  For payroll processing reasons, we must have at least one work day in August and at least one in work day in June.

by Jen Drewek Shilen, WEA President

WEA Academic Calendar Survey Results

WEA Calendar Comparison